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Monday, December 5, 2011


Dont know who has seen this recently but check it out it is truly sad and just emphasizes that bullying needs to be stopped.



  1. oh my god, that is so sad. I really hope people help him out and stop the bullying and i'm so happy he knows that suicide is not an option and he has many reasons to be alive :(

  2. I know! Im also glad that he knows that suicide is not the answer and honor him for realizing that. But no one should have to be that scared to go to school... its just not right.

  3. This video made me cry because of how horrible i feel for Jonah, but at the same time, I'm happy, Jonah is overcoming the bullies, and realizes he has millions of reason to be here, and he's not giving up. I hope the school he goes to saw this video, and is realizing what students are really going through.

  4. very sad bullying is such a terrible thing that needs to stop!