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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gender and Education

The general argument from the information I came across is that Gender & Education is improving... for the female at least. Instead of females being seen as simple house wives or being concerned with finding a husband many now take education seriously and succeed. It is more common for women to be in the work place now-a-days than it was back in the day. Yet we still do not get paid equally? We are given the same education as males and encouraged to succeed yet when we exactly go into the real world are paid less than a man in the same position with the same education is.
Another concern seems to be that females are encouraged by society so much that in fact it discourages males to succeed. While the female statistics get higher the males are getting lower. However I don’t know if I buy into this.
I ultimately think that it depends on the person and if they have the drive to succeed. Yet we definitely need to work on the equal pay, it’s just not right.

Too Feminised???? Idk


gender and education article


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Extended Comment to Jen's Post

You bring up a very good point. Like the article said more than half experience harrassment, and truth be told their is a lot of harrassment in the schools these days. Like your highschool mine was not very accepting either, there was always the hushed whisphers behind their backs or even as far as wanting nothing to do with them period just because they were of the LGBT group.It truly is sad.
This also got me to thinking about the words that are used like "faggot" or "dyke,"you mentioned in  your article how your classmates used those words to insult someone who is LGBT. That is the worst way we can use words such as these. Yet there is also the very common way we use these words with our friends such as the infmaous; "that's so gay." NOw I will admit I am not perfect and this does slip out of my mouth every once in awhile but I am trying to catch myself because honestly we should not be saying things like this in my opinion. Society has turned this insults into common day slang that people use on a daily basis, there just is somthing not right about that I think.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflection to "In The Service Of What?"

This article discussed Service Learning and how it is incorporated in the classroom. It talked about how there are different approaches the teacher can take with it as well. I tend to favor Ms. Adams' approach, even though her class only helped one organization compared to Mr. Johnson’s I feel the students can get more out of the experience.
Making Service Learning a graduation requirement can be a negative thing, because many will see it simply as something they have to do rather than for the good of doing it and their civic duty. With Ms. Adams' approach the students get to interact with the people and learn firsthand what they can do to help. Mr. Johnson's kids are more of what I felt like in high school when we had to do something similar to this, I treated it as simply something I had to do to graduate.
To me this is unfortunate and I feel that if my school had a different approach we would have taken it a lot more seriously. You can never understand what someone's life is like by reading about it or hearing about it on the news; the kids that went to the elementary school are a perfect example. If you really want to get to know what it is like to be someone so you can help those that are less fortunate you need a more hands on firsthand look.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Extended Comment to Sasha's Blog

I totally agree with you it is very sad that society has embedded this image into our heads of picture perfect happy ending. Prince Charming is not always going to sweep you off your feet and give you that happily ever after ending. And don’t even get me started with the magazines and the photo shopped version of how people "should look." No one looks like that and honestly a lot of people don’t even fine it attractive.
But I will admit I do love Disney movies regardless. Yet it is sad that we can’t over look the superficial stuff and work on our personalities because honestly many people need a better personality to begin with!

However I think I have to disagree and say that cartoons and Disney movies do not hurt children in the long run. I mean I don’t see the harm in embedding in a child's head that there is such a thing as a happy ending or a Prince Charming. Especially if they come from a rough background sometimes movies or cartoons like this can me their escape. I mean after all it is just a movie and I find it hard to believe that racism can be taught by watching it, just based on the character being white. They have the movie Mulan and all that now too. And the author states how Cinderella is not black but there is actually a version of Cinderella with real people and she is black. And they are getting a lot better in society making multicultural princesses and shows as well so I mean there is hope for change if it really is affecting them too.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Two-thirds (65%) of teens report that they have been verbally or physically harassed or assaulted during the past year because of their perceived or actual appearance, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, race/ethnicity, disability or religion."
  • This number is way to high, more then half of the children going to school in America are getting bullyed. The importance of this quote is to show the seriousness of this issue. Saddest part is the harassment is all for things that children do not have any control over. Your appearance and race and religion have to do with your parents when youre this young. Then how you identitify your gender and sexual orientation is how you were born and no one with a disability chooses to be disabled.The fact that kids are getting mad funn of for this is very upsetting.
"The majority (57%) of students who experience harassment in school, regardless of demographics or reasons for the harassment, never report these incidents of harassment to teachers or other school personnel. Although most teachers report that they would feel comfortable intervening if they observed harassment and many say they frequently have intervened, one in ten (10%) students who do not report these incidents don’t do so because they believe teachers or staff don’t do anything or are powerless to improve the situation"
  • This quote shows that many cases of harassment are not reported and just continue on, due to students feeling that the teachers cannot help. Also if the teachers do not know about it they cannot help either. This just shows that bullying goes on because of lack of help from teachers or even students intervening.
 “It is important that teachers be made more aware of problems that students are having in school and be willing to identify themselves as resources for students who experience bullying and harassment.”
  • I agree 100% with this quote. Students should see a teacher as approachable and trust worthy to talk to about issues such a s bullying. It is very important that teachers try and do this so the students can feel safer and not afraid to come to school everyday. And once this is accomplished perhaps the percentage of students bullyed will go down.