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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Extended Comment to Jen's Post

You bring up a very good point. Like the article said more than half experience harrassment, and truth be told their is a lot of harrassment in the schools these days. Like your highschool mine was not very accepting either, there was always the hushed whisphers behind their backs or even as far as wanting nothing to do with them period just because they were of the LGBT group.It truly is sad.
This also got me to thinking about the words that are used like "faggot" or "dyke,"you mentioned in  your article how your classmates used those words to insult someone who is LGBT. That is the worst way we can use words such as these. Yet there is also the very common way we use these words with our friends such as the infmaous; "that's so gay." NOw I will admit I am not perfect and this does slip out of my mouth every once in awhile but I am trying to catch myself because honestly we should not be saying things like this in my opinion. Society has turned this insults into common day slang that people use on a daily basis, there just is somthing not right about that I think.

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  1. Also in my school, the comments were not completely hushed or whispered which upset me even more. The whole idea of harassment is very sad in general.
    These comments and words that people use to insult people sometimes slip out of my mouth when I am not fully aware of what I am saying. I try to catch myself as well. I would love it if it was possible to change the fact that society has made these things normal and common.