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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflection to "In The Service Of What?"

This article discussed Service Learning and how it is incorporated in the classroom. It talked about how there are different approaches the teacher can take with it as well. I tend to favor Ms. Adams' approach, even though her class only helped one organization compared to Mr. Johnson’s I feel the students can get more out of the experience.
Making Service Learning a graduation requirement can be a negative thing, because many will see it simply as something they have to do rather than for the good of doing it and their civic duty. With Ms. Adams' approach the students get to interact with the people and learn firsthand what they can do to help. Mr. Johnson's kids are more of what I felt like in high school when we had to do something similar to this, I treated it as simply something I had to do to graduate.
To me this is unfortunate and I feel that if my school had a different approach we would have taken it a lot more seriously. You can never understand what someone's life is like by reading about it or hearing about it on the news; the kids that went to the elementary school are a perfect example. If you really want to get to know what it is like to be someone so you can help those that are less fortunate you need a more hands on firsthand look.


  1. Hey, I used your post for my "extended comment" post!

  2. I also liked Ms.Adam's approach better. I'm not sure that many high school students would volunteer if it was optional. Plus, having a bunch of students who are required to volunteer, like a school, provides a places where people who need volunteers can turn to.