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Sunday, October 2, 2011


"Two-thirds (65%) of teens report that they have been verbally or physically harassed or assaulted during the past year because of their perceived or actual appearance, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, race/ethnicity, disability or religion."
  • This number is way to high, more then half of the children going to school in America are getting bullyed. The importance of this quote is to show the seriousness of this issue. Saddest part is the harassment is all for things that children do not have any control over. Your appearance and race and religion have to do with your parents when youre this young. Then how you identitify your gender and sexual orientation is how you were born and no one with a disability chooses to be disabled.The fact that kids are getting mad funn of for this is very upsetting.
"The majority (57%) of students who experience harassment in school, regardless of demographics or reasons for the harassment, never report these incidents of harassment to teachers or other school personnel. Although most teachers report that they would feel comfortable intervening if they observed harassment and many say they frequently have intervened, one in ten (10%) students who do not report these incidents don’t do so because they believe teachers or staff don’t do anything or are powerless to improve the situation"
  • This quote shows that many cases of harassment are not reported and just continue on, due to students feeling that the teachers cannot help. Also if the teachers do not know about it they cannot help either. This just shows that bullying goes on because of lack of help from teachers or even students intervening.
 “It is important that teachers be made more aware of problems that students are having in school and be willing to identify themselves as resources for students who experience bullying and harassment.”
  • I agree 100% with this quote. Students should see a teacher as approachable and trust worthy to talk to about issues such a s bullying. It is very important that teachers try and do this so the students can feel safer and not afraid to come to school everyday. And once this is accomplished perhaps the percentage of students bullyed will go down.


  1. so i thought i just left you a comment but i guess it didn't work, so i'm gonna try again lol.

    i agree with you about how important it is for teachers to be role models and people students can come to about bullying and harassment. But the thing is sometimes the students don't go to a teacher because they are too scared. This is horrible because if only the teacher knew, he or she could have prevented a suicide.

    On the other hand, I was reading an article and a gay boy was writing how he was being bullied and no one did a thing. So it kind of works both ways, which is unfortunate

  2. I have a video on my blog about a boy committing suicide do to being harassed and bullied and the school nor teachers doing anything about it. you should check it out, its the first video.

    -Ariel Croce

  3. Bullying is unfortunate. As future teachers we need to make sure that all students feel comfortable coming to us no matter what the issue my be, teachers are more affective when they are allies to the students. Zero tolerance towards bullying.

  4. I really agree with you, teachers need to be made aware of the problems that students are going through, not only in the hallways but at home as well. Students need to feel that their teachers care, that way they'll be more comfortable building a relationship with them.