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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gender and Education

The general argument from the information I came across is that Gender & Education is improving... for the female at least. Instead of females being seen as simple house wives or being concerned with finding a husband many now take education seriously and succeed. It is more common for women to be in the work place now-a-days than it was back in the day. Yet we still do not get paid equally? We are given the same education as males and encouraged to succeed yet when we exactly go into the real world are paid less than a man in the same position with the same education is.
Another concern seems to be that females are encouraged by society so much that in fact it discourages males to succeed. While the female statistics get higher the males are getting lower. However I don’t know if I buy into this.
I ultimately think that it depends on the person and if they have the drive to succeed. Yet we definitely need to work on the equal pay, it’s just not right.


  1. I so agree about the pay part. However, it's a different story in my workplace--I work at a Starbucks in Target and all the trainers (including myself) are female and the starting pay is $8.50. I don't understand why for part time jobs it's equal pay but for a career women are shortchanged (pardon the pun).

  2. I do agree with you Sammi my work is the same as yours and I don't understand the whole career different pay, like everyone should be equal but our society sucks.

  3. I have been saying for years that equal pay out in sports needs to be done, but in the work place it must be done aswell. Why are men put on a higher level?

  4. I never thought about the part time being equal that's a good point and absolutely insane that its not the same in a career.

  5. very interesting and love the comments, also i will have to agree equal pay should be happing for any job