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Monday, October 10, 2011

Extended Comment to Sasha's Blog

I totally agree with you it is very sad that society has embedded this image into our heads of picture perfect happy ending. Prince Charming is not always going to sweep you off your feet and give you that happily ever after ending. And don’t even get me started with the magazines and the photo shopped version of how people "should look." No one looks like that and honestly a lot of people don’t even fine it attractive.
But I will admit I do love Disney movies regardless. Yet it is sad that we can’t over look the superficial stuff and work on our personalities because honestly many people need a better personality to begin with!

However I think I have to disagree and say that cartoons and Disney movies do not hurt children in the long run. I mean I don’t see the harm in embedding in a child's head that there is such a thing as a happy ending or a Prince Charming. Especially if they come from a rough background sometimes movies or cartoons like this can me their escape. I mean after all it is just a movie and I find it hard to believe that racism can be taught by watching it, just based on the character being white. They have the movie Mulan and all that now too. And the author states how Cinderella is not black but there is actually a version of Cinderella with real people and she is black. And they are getting a lot better in society making multicultural princesses and shows as well so I mean there is hope for change if it really is affecting them too.


  1. It is definitely a good thing that they are starting to have more diverse characters in Disney movies, but just having a princess of color is barely a beginning. I will be happy when any child can see themselves portrayed in a positive light in movies made for them!

  2. Very true Elyssa! We definitely shouldn't be telling kids that they won't get a happy ending! That could lead to some depression problems (And I love Disney movies regardless too<3)

  3. Great reflection, but I want to hear about the connection to Christensen as well. Where does she stand on this issue?